Distant Shores

Paul and Sheryl Shard don their sou'westers and brace themselves for a journey around the stormy British Isles in their latest maritime adventure. Setting out from Chichester Harbour, first port of call is the east coast of Ireland where the Shards choose to sit out a storm whilst visiting the Guinness factory; a wise choice. Navigating their way across Scotland, the Shards make a transit of the Caledonian Canal to see some of the spectacular lochs and scenery of the Highlands and hopefully not to bump into the Loch Ness monster en route. Heading north, the Shards visit the most remote inhabited island in the UK, the Fair Isle, home to an abundance of sea birds. After making a crossing of the notorious rough North Sea, the Shards sail down Sognefjord in Norway; the world's longest fjord. Returning to the UK, the Shards sail south through the Irish Sea before heading to journey's end in France in search of some warmer weather. The journey ahead will present a stern test for their 49-foot sailboat, Distant Shores II, and of their own seafaring skills.


No. of Episodes: 13


1  Waterford and the Barrow Estuary

Paul and Sheryl Shard set sail from Chichester Harbour in England to Waterford on the Southeast coast of the Republic of Ireland. Here they learn about the production of crystal, before sailing to New Ross to visit the Dunbrody emmigrant ship. Finally, they join a local boater for a trip down the Barrow River, one of Ireland's inland waterways.
Duration: 30'


2  East Coast of Ireland

From Waterford on the Southeast coast of Ireland, Paul and Sheryl Shard sail north along the coast of the Irish Sea visiting small fishing ports as well as the large ports of Dun Laoghaire and Dublin. While waiting out a storm here they visit the Guinness Storehouse and learn about Ireland's most famous beer. Next stop is Carlingford on the border with Northern Ireland, known as the best place to search for Leprechauns. In Northern Ireland they stop at Belfast and discover some new information about the ship Titanic which was built here.
Duration: 30'


3  Crinan Canal

Paul and Sheryl Shard begin their visit to Scotland at the Mull of Kintyre, making a trip through the Crinan Canal visiting small inland towns and hiking to archeological sites en route. When they exit at Crinan they sail through the islands to the Isle of Mull and the picturesque fishing port of Tobermory.
Duration: 30'


4  Caledonian Canal

Paul and Sheryl Shard travel from the west coast of Scotland starting at Fort William across the country to the west coast to Inverness. They make a transit of the Caledonian Canal through Scotland's Great Glen. The canal goes through some of Scotland's most scenic Highland countryside plus several lochs, including Loch Ness where they speak to experts about the legend of the Loch Ness monster.
Duration: 30'


5  Shetland

Heading to the most northern part of Scotland, Paul and Sheryl sail to the Shetland Islands. Their first stop is Fair Isle, the most remote inhabited island in the UK, where they learn about seabird migration at the bird observatory, as well as the creation of Fail Isle jumpers. Next they sail to Mainland to the port of Lerwick where local boaters show them life on the island including how to cut peat. Lastly, they sail to the most northern point of the British Isles to visit a puffin colony.
Duration: 30'


6  Bergen to Haugesund

From Shetland, Paul and Sheryl Shard cross the notoriously rough North Sea; passing oil platforms as they sail to the west coast of Norway. They make landfall at Bergen where they learn about the history of the Hanseatic League, before sailing south through the islands to Haugesund. Here a local town councillor shows them attractions in the homeland of the Viking kings. In the port they discover that a replica of a Viking ocean-going sailing ship is being built.
Duration: 30'


7  Sognefjord

Paul and Sheryl Shard turn north along the west coast of Norway to explore the land of fjords. They sail down Sognefjord, the world's longest fjord, and visit the town of Flam where they take a historic train trip, attempt a bicycle trip down steep mountain paths and visit a summer Viking camp.
Duration: 30'


8  Orkney

Leaving Norway, Paul and Sheryl Shard sail back across the North Sea to Scotland where they visit the remote Orkney Islands. In Scapa Flow, they explore WWI shipwrecks and in Kirkwall they meet an archeologist returning to view the work she started 20 years before including a visit to a prehistoric village preserved in sand.
Duration: 30'


9  West Coast of Scotland

Paul and Sheryl Shard head south to mainland Scotland where they round Cape Wrath and ride out a storm sheltered in a remote cove. Continuing down the west coast, they visit the most remote pub in mainland UK and conclude their visit to Scotland in the island of Islay, home of 8 malt whisky distilleries where Paul and Sheryl learn how famous Scotch whiskies are produced.
Duration: 30'


10  Isle of Man

Leaving Scotland, Paul and Sheryl Shard sail south through the Irish Sea and arrive at the Isle of Man which has been inhabited since 6500 BC. Here they visit archaeological sites around the island. While riding out an autumn gale in Peel Harbour, they learn rescue manoeuvres with the local kayak club.
Duration: 30'


11  Passage to France

Paul and Sheryl depart the Isle of Man and set sail for France travelling south through the Irish Sea. They make stops along the coast of Wales and the Cornish coast of England, before undertaking a night crossing of the English Channel and making landfall in France at the port of Brest.
Duration: 30'


12  Brittany

Paul and Sheryl enjoy warmer weather in France where they start their visit stocking up at the weekend farmers market in Brest. They then sail south to the picturesque fishing village of Cameret, famous for seafood. Further south on the offshore GlÚnan Islands they visit the medieval walled town of Concarneau, Brittany's largest fishing port and a popular resort town. Heading north they have a rough passage past the infamous Raz de Sein, then dry out the boat at a tiny pastoral island near Roscoff on the north coast.
Duration: 30'


13  Finding Fun Foods in Foreign Ports

Sampling, cooking and shopping for interesting new foods is part of the pleasure of traveling to foreign lands. In this special episode of Distant Shores, Paul and Sheryl take you to ports around the globe to explore the delights of exotic markets. They also search for foods in the wild, sample unusual festival foods and cook regional specialties with local experts.
Duration: 30'


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